What's in Your City Water
Cities provide bacteria free water to your home by injecting known harmful chemicals into the water supply. Let The Water Filter Kings get your water tasting free of chemicals, as nature intended.
chlorine danger



Your cities municipality uses CHLORINE to disinfect your water and kill off any bacteria that may be present as it is the most effective and affordable way. This method works wonders but is also taking a toll on our health. Studies show that drinking chlorinated water increases your risk of cancer by 91% compared to those who drink non chlorinated water. We need to protect ourselves from this harsh chemical and the impact it has on our bodies.The Water Filter Kings have multiple solutions to combat this problem.


The best solution for chlorine removal is to start at the source by installing whole house filtration. The most common solutions are a backwashable carbon system, a disposable carbon block cartridge system or we offer a combo carbon/water softener systems that is the most popular among customers on city water.  

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hard water stains



Water is considered hard when it contains large amounts of dissolved calcium, magnesium and other minerals. These minerals cause film formation on dishes and residue on bathroom fixtures. Hard water can also cause mineral build-up in pipes and appliances. Save yourself countless hours from scrubbing fixtures shower windows that have calcified.


Knowing your water hardness will help you select and set up a water softener that will meet the needs of your household. An under size water softener will regenerate more frequently using more water and more salt. Ask the Kings what softener is right for you.

We have the water solutions to suit your needs.

Various water softener sizes and various warranties. We offer some of the longest labour and material warranty in the industry!

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